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At Awin, we offer a postback integration with Singular, which means that once Singular's SDK is integrated into the advertiser's app, they will be able to track all their affiliate app traffic via the Awin UI by following some simple steps. Top marketers from LinkedIn, Rovio, Microsoft, Lyft, Twitter, EA, and more, rely on Singular for a complete view of their marketing performance. To best perform, marketers need readily available, easily digestible, granular data that empowers them to adapt, pivot, and grow.


Unify all marketing data, including cost, creatives, bids, and ad monetization across every partner, device & platform.

Analyze marketing performance and ROI with superior cross-channel analytics.

Measure the effectiveness of marketing with privacy-safe, next-gen attribution to future proof growth.

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Stape started in 2020 as hosting for server-side tagging. We wanted to implement server-side tracking on our sites and our client’s sites and found no easy way to do that without clear documentation on how to set it up. We decided to build a tool that will simplify server-side tracking. Since then, we have started building an infrastructure for server-side tracking. Created custom scripts, tags, plugins that help website owners and marketers to set up server-side tracking. We also started a community, blog, and YouTube channel that will help to answer questions that our users have about server-side tracking.