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Qubit, a Coveo company. Leading ecommerce companies work with Qubit to transform the way they understand and influence their customers in order to increase revenue, build loyalty and improve marketing efficiency. By combining rich customer data, deep learning technology and advanced segmentation capabilities, the Qubit Customer Influence Engine can precisely match customers with the widest range of personal, online experiences to influence behavior at scale. Qubit is trusted to deliver real impact to the bottom line for the biggest brands in ecommerce including Ubisoft, CafePress, Topshop, Shiseido, and Emirates. Across the global Qubit customer base, $600 million worth of online sales are influenced over a typical week. To date, Qubit has received over $76 million in funding from Goldman Sachs, Accel, Sapphire Ventures, Balderton Capital and Salesforce Ventures. And most recently acquired by Coveo, the relevance company in 2021.


1:1 Personalization Increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases with personalized customer experiences. Coveo’s machine learning models use real-time and historic customer data to create dynamic and custom journeys for each shopper.

Product Badging Boost your revenue with real-time, adaptive product badging that helps guide your shoppers’ product discovery. Coveo enables merchandisers to experiment with any combination of tactics from social proofing to scarcity and urgency badging.

Product Recommendations Boost your average order value with highly relevant and personalized product recommendations for new and anonymous shoppers. With Coveo merchandisers can tap into the power of AI while easily configuring for business objectives.

Social Proofing Build credibility using the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ in the form of social proof. Behavioural heuristics drive an average uplift of 3% in conversion rate.

A/B Testing Make data driven decisions and build compelling experiences with controlled experiments that help you understand how your efforts impact key business metrics.

Merchandising Realize the true potential of your site experience with Coveo’s Merchandising Hub. Empower your team to drive innovation with an intuitive and powerful business interface so they can experiment and focus on high value actions.




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