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With ready-to-use code templates and plugins for leading tag managers, Awin streamline the integration process for clients seeking efficient tag management solutions. Awin’s pre-approved, easy-to-configure tools support rapid integration, making tag firing management a breeze. Flashtalking is a data-driven ad management and analytics technology company based in New York. When HR Assistant, Amanda Ianniello first joined Flashtalking, the company was relying on internal spreadsheets or external agencies to organize their hiring process. As a result, recruitment felt very disjointed and confusing to recruiters, hiring managers and candidates alike. By investing in LinkedIn Talent Hub as the company’s first applicant tracking system (ATS), Amanda noticed immediate changes in the company’s hiring efficiency and recruitment budget. In a matter of months, Flashtalking made 4 hires in sales and marketing and saved over $88,000 by bringing recruitment in-house.


Ad Serving: Flashtalking is the leading independent global ad server for advertisers who value control of their own data and wish to separate media sales from delivery and measurement.

Creative Personalization: Flashtalking’s creative management tools enable advertisers to personalize at scale by activating feeds and data with Decision Trees, our creative decisioning interface.

Identity Framework: Flashtalking is the world’s first cookieless ad serving platform to orchestrate client identity for measurement and personalization.

Advanced Analytics: Flashtalking’s reporting platform and advanced analytics provide advertisers with a comprehensive view of the customer journey and surface actionable insights.

Verification: Flashtalking’s complete suite of verification tools offers fraud detection and viewability services globally across desktop, mobile web, in-app, CTV/OTT, and is able to fill any verification gaps.

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