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With ready-to-use code templates and plugins for leading tag managers, Awin streamline the integration process for clients seeking efficient tag management solutions. Awin’s pre-approved, easy-to-configure tools support rapid integration, making tag firing management a breeze. Pioneer AdTech player in semantic artificial intelligence in France and Europe, Weborama answers to the new technological challenges faced by agencies, publishers and advertisers in the digital advertising market while guaranteeing a respectful relationship with Internet users. Its contextual targeting tools, developed over ten years ago, provide a granularity in the observation of consumer behavior and expectations that no other technology can provide in a cookieless world.


Technologies: the Marketing Platform (DMP/CDP Hybrid) to collect and organize its data by fully using all the cookieless functionalities and interconnection to increasingly complex ecosystems.

Data & Insights: Weborama's Data Scientists and Strategists rely on semantic artificial intelligence to create value through precise knowledge of its audience.

Media Activation: Weborama's Activation Experts create semantic, personalized and activable contextual segments thanks to a precise analysis of the context of web pages read by Internet users and thus implement high value 100% data-driven targeting strategies.


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