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inStreamly is a platform that helps brands reach millions of gamers through their favorite gaming streamers. The platform is scalable, automated, and interactive, making it easy for brands to create and manage effective and engaging campaigns. inStreamly has worked with over 160 brands, including Samsung, Disney, PlayStation, and Durex, in 12 countries.


⭐Reach millions of gamers - through their favourite streamers on platforms like Twitch or YouTube.

⭐ Get the power of micro-influencers - unleash the power of niche communities and the long tail of creators instead of always going with celebrities. Our biggest campaign for Xbox had 2036 participating streamers.

⭐Be a supporter, not an intruder - we make sure your brand fit’s into the streaming world, and our format is non-invasive for the viewers. You are supporting the streamers directly and their fans appreciate it.

⭐Test your messaging and get full reporting - full A/B test support, detailed live reporting and AdForm-verified clicks. We gather over 20 parameters for your campaign.

⭐Be 100% unblockable and effective - inStreamly formats are directly in the streamed content, making it unblockable by adblockers with an average CTR of 1-3%

⭐Make it creative and interactive - make your message vary depending on 20+ variables. For example: only appear when the streamer wins a game.

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