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Awin’s range of e-commerce plugins ensures quick integration with a variety of e-commerce platforms, making it almost as easy as installing an app on your smartphone. With robust attribution and regular updates for the latest features, our plugins deliver the highest quality tracking solutions. Our solution is headless, API-first, and uses an Open-Source architecture, allowing merchants to individually customize and scale the product offering, creating a strong customer experience. Furthermore, Shopware relies on a global network of 1,600 sales, technology and solution partners, securing a stable ecosystem. Shopware merchants currently process a combined GMV of more than 20 billion USD across the global Shopware platform.


Be independent. Own your data and run your business on your terms. With complete access to the source code, your data is truly yours. No lock-ins, no compromises, no limits. Your freedom to grow. Own your data, own your destiny. It’s as simple as that.

Transform your business effortlessly. Scale up and lead the way. Whether B2C or B2B, whether physical goods or digital products – customize and automate your business operations intuitively, across all business models, and without writing code.

Deliver customer experiences that exceed all expectations. Create a powerful brand experience by seamlessly combining content and commerce. Play at the edge of innovation and convert casual customers into true fans of your business.


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